Getting Binaries

You can add morimekta currently via the following repositories. All the packages made should be effectively platform independent, and if not will only be linux / amd64 statically linked binaries distributed in the Deb / Yum repos. Tarballs are also available in the archive/ folder.


All download files are signed using the [email protected] private GPG key, and can be validated using the [email protected] public GPG key.

Debian / Ubuntu

For debian based distros I have a debian PPA repository with .deb packages. All the packages should be effectively platform independent.

# Add morimekta debian PPA to apt list.
curl -sS |
sudo apt-key --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/oss_morimekta_net.gpg add -
sudo apt-key update
sudo bash -c "\
echo 'deb /' \
    > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/morimekta.list"
# Update apt cache.
sudo apt update 
# Install semver-py.
sudo apt install semver-py

Redhat / Yum

# Add morimekta RPM repo.
curl -sSL -o morimekta-yum.repo
sudo mv morimekta-yum.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
# Update yum cache
sudo yum update 
# Install semver-py
sudo yum install semver-py

NOTE: The yum repository is currently not sign-verified, as I have not been able to do this right. These are controlled by the gpgcheck and repo_gpgcheck options in the repo file, and require matching signing files, when I have tried with the .asc I have failed.

Mac / Brew

For mac I have made a brew tap for the same tools.

# Add morimekta tools brew tap.
brew tap morimekta/tools
# Install semver-py.
brew install semver-py